Von Ryan's Express

By David Westheimer

One thousand British and American POWs discover ways to hate the yankee colonel who singlehandedly shapes them up. His strict self-discipline brings order to the camp; it additionally earns him a derisive "von." while Italy surrenders, German guards herd the lads into boxcars for cargo to the Reich. Ryan has different rules. He reckons to take the educate to Switzerland...and freedom.
"A taut, intriguing and well-keyed conflict novel...Ryan is a tricky hero to love, yet he's a hero still. an exhilarating, genuine book." (Book Week)

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We’ll see what padre can discover at Lecco. ’ They rolled into Lecco, on the southern tip of Lake Como, at twenty mins after twelve. The little city used to be darkish and silent and not anyone was on the station other than the standard chilly and bored German sentry. Ryan enable the train battle through with no preventing. ‘There can’t be a lot site visitors anticipated via if there’s not anyone on duty,’ Ryan informed Costanzo. ‘We’ll simply have to take our probabilities on a transparent song. ’ ‘If there’s anything up forward there’ll be a red sign mild down alongside the song, cuhnel,’ Costanzo acknowledged.

Discover while he expects to be relieved and the place. And inform Stein to keep looking the window and maintain his eyes open for city names. And be mindful what time we cross ’em. ’ Costanzo watched a bit, then spoke in short to Stein and resumed his dialog with the cadaverous defend. ‘Granted we take this motor vehicle and Klement’s with out causing a flap, how can we get on the Jerries on best? ’ Fincham demanded. ’sticky company, that. ’ ‘We’ll have Klement name down the only on his motor vehicle. when we have him, it’s regimen.

If we will be able to get earlier that we’ll have it licked. until eventually we get to Tirano. ’ ‘I used to be on the brink of pointing out that, colonel. ’ ‘Tirano’s a comparatively imprecise crossing aspect. They can’t have an excessive amount of of an operation up there. We’ll decelerate as if for inspection then bust on via prior to they recognize what’s going on. ’ ‘What a wierd, icy brain you've gotten, Ryan,’ Fincham stated. ‘You recognize, truly i used to be like Hank Stein. I by no means relatively expected we’d convey it off. Taking the complete bloody teach.

Significant ‘ampton is of the enemy. ’ ‘What? ’ ‘He was once despatched via the Tedeschi. whilst Oriani educated them of stipulations. ’ ‘He used to be American,’ Ryan stated. ‘I’d swear to it. ’ Falvi shook his head. ‘The Tedeschi is smart, colonnello. ’ Ryan sat at the backside rail of his bunk, head in arms. ‘God,’ he acknowledged seriously. ‘How I’ve been had. ’ He jumped to his ft and hit the bunk along with his fist. ‘God rattling it to hell! ’ he groaned. Falvi regarded on incredulously, as though he couldn't think Ryan in a position to human weak spot.

Don’t enable anyone get shut sufficient to eavesdrop,’ he acknowledged. ‘If anyone offers a difficult time, sound off. ’ Ryan used to be hardly ever contained in the door whilst Fincham acknowledged, ‘All correct, out with it. What’s the gen? ’ ‘Gentlemen,’ Ryan acknowledged easily, ‘Italy has quit. ’ Fincham whistled and Wimberly cried, ‘Hot rattling! ’ Costanzo’s lips moved in silent prayer. In a second they have been shaking hands throughout. ‘Colonel Battaglia can be breaking the inside track to his troops in 40 minutes,’ Ryan acknowledged. ‘I’ll make the statement to our males even as.

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