The Lost Scroll (Rogue Angel, Book 6)

By Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Historical papyrus scrolls recovered one of the charred ruins of the Library of Alexandria show brilliant texts that aspect the wonders of Atlantis--knowledge which could shatter the blueprint of worldwide strength. Archaeologist Annja Creed confronts shadow figures decided to maintain empires outfitted on energy, greed and international manipulation, discovering not likely allies in a mysterious American with connections in excessive locations, and a tender linguistics prodigy with angle. Dodging a petrol conglomerate and their puppy killers on a high-speed chase that leads from Egypt to the North Sea oil fields to the city battlegrounds of China, Annja turns into an unwilling conspirator in a bid for energy to manage the thrashing center of the world's strength.

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Annja learned the emotional response to being rescued had pretty much un-bolted all of the younger woman's inhibitors. Of which she had now not many to start with. "Where does the opposite door lead? Jadzia! Snap out of it," Annja ordered. She placed an area in her voice that introduced Jadzia's head round as though she truly were slapped. "Stairs as much as most sensible point, and all the way down to engine and generator room. " She used to be flushed and breathless, and likewise shedding articles, which Annja had by no means heard her do. frequently she spoke English higher than Annja.

Then extra footsteps pounding up quick. bankruptcy 17 Annja raced down at complete pace to confront a gaggle of seriously armed males charging up the stairs. She slashed crosswise as a guy became towards her. He fell again with blood spraying from his stomach. She curb extra males. The others grew to become and ran earlier than her, down onto the engine-room flooring, off one of the huge, immense shadowed bulks of engines like dormant Titans. From the room's a long way facet an immense yellow muzzle flare winked at her. Bullets cracked and keened round her, sparking off the railing.

His grip used to be powerful and dry and precisely metered. "I need to admit i locate that arduous to think, Herr Sinnbrenner," Annja acknowledged coldly. He smiled and his age confirmed round the brown eyes. the surface was once scored deeply on the corners, as though he had spent his existence staring into blinding sun. "How do you discover our quarters? " he requested, pacing quickly a number of steps clear of her. "Imposing," she stated. "As i am yes they are meant to be. but in addition remarkable. " He grew to become again. He had a curious stop-and-go quickness to his routine, suggesting straight away a desktop and a lizard.

He spoke with a particular Cockney accessory. His eyes enthusiastic about her as Annja bent down over him. "You bi – " She grabbed front of his pullover. It used to be rainy and sticky. It nonetheless creeped her out a piece, even though it was once infrequently an unusual sensation at this degree of her existence. "Don't say it," she snapped, as she hoisted his top torso off the grit and cocked a fist. He winced and close up. "Who despatched you? " she requested. "Why? " He laughed. It used to be a ghastly bloody bubble, a blood spring round jagged yellowish stubs.

Simply slightly over the din she heard shouts from at the back of as someone noticed them. "Given how iffy Plan A was," Tex stated, "how strong may Plan B be? " pictures crashed as though tough the thunder. Slowing simply shy of the platform area, Annja seemed over her shoulder to determine muzzle-flashes flicker from excessive up within the superstructure. "Down the hatch," Tex instructed Annja. an oblong commencing railed on 3 facets used to be lower in the course of the deck. a set metal ladder used to be simply seen inside of. "Don't be a hero," she instructed him.

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