The Long Patrol: A Tale from Redwall

By Brian Jacques, Allan Curless

The murderous Rapscallion military is at the circulate. Dealt a humiliating defeat through girl Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger girl of Salamandastron, who nonetheless pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take an excellent larger prize: the peaceable Abbey of Redwall. The elite combating unit of hares, the lengthy Patrol, is named out to attract them off. on the leading edge is the younger hare Tammo, the lead sword in a single of the main ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced?ready to struggle to the demise!

?[Jacques is] a masterful storyteller. . . . As within the different Redwall books, the mix of an soaking up plot, strong characterization, and targeted description make the radical a page-turner.?
?The Horn Book

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Outdoor the hares sat listening as significant Perigord similar what had occurred. ‘Russa an’ meself have been scoutin’ forward after we heard roarin’ an’ screamin’. after all it wasn’t the vermin doin’ the noisemakin’. We reckoned ’twould be blameless creatures captured via these villains, so we’d no selection other than to attempt an’ rescue ’em. On m’word, we ran instantly into it! Thirty-odd various blackguards, tormentin’ an’ torturin’ an outdated badgerwife an’ a babe. Scoundrels! We gave ’em a flavor or o’ their very own medication, i will be able to let you know!

You didn’t touch the Guosim shrews or communicate to them? ’ ‘No, marm, ’fraid I didn’t. strains have been at the very least 3 days outdated, campfire ashes an’ vegetable peelin’s, that used to be all, marm. ’ Cregga took tongs and changed the lump of steel she was once operating again within the forge. Then she gave the bellows a gradual push, flaring the charcoal and seacoal into flame. ‘Hmm, pity you ignored the shrews. Their chief, the Log a Log, may have had a few info for us. by no means brain, good performed. Ask Colonel Eyebright to come back up right here, will you?

I simply taught ’im a brand new observe. Watch! ’ He held a candied chestnut up, simply out of Russano’s succeed in. The tiny fellow reached out his paws, uttering the notice gruffly. ‘Nut! Nut! ’ The otters and shrews suggestion Russano’s new notice was once a resource of significant hilarity. They collected around him, chanting, ‘Nut! Nut! Nut! Nut! ’ the 2 Little Owls, Orocca and her husband Taunoc, got here flying out of the kitchens. They landed at the tabletop, contracting and dilating their great golden eyes and flexing their talons. ‘Which beast is making the entire noise out the following?

Cos I’m t . . . too yu . . . yu . . . younger! Waaahahaaarr! ’ The Colonel’s trim moustache bristled. ‘Balderdash, m’gel, who instructed y’that? the reason being that we made up our minds you have been genuine officer fabric, wanted sorely in this mountain doncha recognize! feel Searats or Corsairs introduced an assault on us when that lot have been off gallivantin’. Who d’you think we’d be lookin’ for to soak up a trainee commandin’ place, eh, inform me that? lengthy Patrol isn’t the be all an’ finish all of younger hares like y’self who wish t’make somethin’ of themselves.

A range of axes, knives and javelins quivered from the wooden all around the leaf. A shrew known as Spykel held up a ribbon of red silk. ‘First to pin the leaf lifeless centre wins this! ’ Log a Log balanced his rapier and threw it like a javelin. ‘A hit! The Guosim Chief’s hit it! ’ Gurgan Spearback inspected the leaf. ‘Nay, ’tis now not useless centre, a marginally left I’d say. Stand away now, yon ribbon’d glance fetchin’ in my spouse Rufftip’s spikes! ’ Gurgan stood at the ten-pace mark. final one eye, he licked the blade of his awl, sighted and flung it spinning.

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