Saxon: The Book of Dreams

By Tim Severin

Sigwulf, a minor Saxon prince, is stored from execution after his kinfolk is slaughtered via the ruthless King Offa of Mercia. due to his Devil's Mark - his eyes of other shades - Sigwulf is exiled to the Frankish courtroom of King Carolus, the longer term Charlemagne. There Sigwulf survives on his wits whereas whilst attempting to come to phrases with disturbingly prophetic dreams.

He earnings the friendship of count number Hroudland, Carolus's strong and impressive nephew - yet, mysteriously, numerous makes an attempt are made on Sigwulf's existence. while he obtains a e-book of goals, an extraordinary textual content that explains their that means, he draws the eye of Carolus himself. yet th booklet proves to be a slippery advisor in an international of double dealing. despatched into Spain to undercover agent at the Saracens, Sigwulf turns into stuck among loyalties; both he honors his debt to new Saracen buddies, or he serves count number Hroudland in his quest for glory, gold or even the Grail itself.

One after one other Sigwulf's predictions come actual, yet usually now not as anticipated, and he unearths himself swept ahead right into a ultimate nice conflict that finds who his enemies are...

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The following day we must always have strong game – a hart of eighteen issues. ’ there has been a collective consumption of breath one of the spectators. ‘A once-in-a-lifetime beast! ’ Hroudland hissed in my ear. I observed the king perk up. He straightened his again and shoulders, status even taller. ‘My males were staring at this animal for months, lengthy prior to the rut began,’ introduced the huntsman. He stepped to 1 part of the circle, pulled a protracted looking knife from his belt, and leaned right down to mark a small go within the airborne dirt and dust.

He known as down. I disentangled myself from the count’s embody. ‘From Hispania in terms of the Bay of the Vascons,’ I acknowledged. ‘I’ve vital information. ’ Hroudland’s unattended stallion used to be edging sideways, tossing its head and irritably stamping the smooth floor. the closest onlookers have been scrambling again out of ways. ‘Patch, I’ll see you up on the nice corridor later,’ acknowledged the count number, hurriedly stepping again to collect up the reins. ‘You couldn't have come at a greater time. There’s to be a dinner party. My seneschal will take care of you.

I wouldn’t say that,’ my uncle spoke back rapidly. ‘He is slippery, to not be relied on. ’ He produced a sycophant’s smile, nastily deferential. ‘Maybe Your Majesty must have him tonsured and close up in a monastery. ’ Incarcerating an undesirable individual in a monastery used to be a great way of placing them out of sight and brain. A extra considerate expression seemed on Offa’s face. ‘What are his manners like? ’ he requested, as if he used to be enquiring in regards to the education and self-discipline of a home puppy he used to be contemplating procuring.

I count on i may almost about deal with, notwithstanding I’d be very slow,’ he acknowledged. ‘Speed won’t matter,’ I instructed him. ‘If you discover out something extra approximately Ganelon’s plot, you need to write and enable me be aware of. you'll want this. ’ I held up the little field containing the Caesar’s Wheel. He limped throughout and took it from me. ‘I had questioned what this contained,’ he acknowledged, lifting the lid and glancing inside of. ‘It’s a tool for writing in code. I’ll convey you ways it really works. If I’m going again to Frankia, I don’t desire the wheel any further.

Osric confirmed me the right kind stance while I drew the bow, tips to keep watch over my respiring, enable for the wind, time my free up. He defined the workouts to reinforce the muscle mass in my again and palms, and insisted on hour after hour of goal perform. I loved all of it, and Osric was once not more than sincere while he acknowledged that i used to be a normal archer. by the point the leaves started to flip, i used to be as regards to attaining the traditional he anticipated – sending arrow after arrow right into a aim as extensive as a man’s torso, at seventy paces.

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