Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The exciting prequel to "Redwall". The smart and grasping wildcat Tsarmina turns into ruler of all Mossflower Woods and is decided to manipulate the peaceable woodlanders with an iron paw. The courageous mouse Martin and quick-talking mouse thief Gonff meet within the depths of Kotir Castle's dungeon. the 2 get away and unravel to finish Tsarmina's tyrannical rule. Joined by means of Kinny the mole, Martin and Gonff trigger on a perilous quest for Salamandastron, the place they're confident that their simply wish, Boar the Fighter, nonetheless lives.

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Gingivere, supply father his drugs. you're the just one he'll take it from. ’ Fortunata gave Gingivere the beaker containing the ready draught. Tsarmina nodded to her, they usually left the room jointly. open air within the hall the wildcat gripped the fox’s paw in her strong claws. ‘Well, did you repair the medication? ’ Fortunata winced in ache because the claws sank in. ‘Twice. as soon as sooner than the mouse got here in, and simply now earlier than we left. He’s taken adequate poison to put part the garrison low. ’ Tsarmina pulled the vixen shut, her merciless eyes burning.

On the most sensible of the ladder they discovered themselves in a extensive upward-running passage hewn into the dwelling rock. The ladder used to be hoisted and so they walked up the steep incline, lit via torches at normal periods in wall sconces. From someplace above there has been a gentle roaring sound. ‘Wot be that gurt noise, maisters? ’ Dinny requested interestingly. ‘Could be the jolly outdated hearth lizards. ’ ‘Then back, it may possibly no longer be. ’ ‘You’ll quickly discover, outdated fellow. ’ 5 flights of stairs hewn into the rock, yet one more cave and one other steep hall led them to their vacation spot.

O for the lifetime of a sailormouse, It’s higher than Kotir gaol, A relaxation for the weary vacationing paws, With the wind to force our sail. There’s a shrew for skipper mice for associates, And a mole for a cabin boy. once we sight Salamandastron, We’ll shout out loud, Ahoy! ’ Mid-afternoon at the waters of the nice South circulation observed the chums studying to address the boat that Log-a-Log had named Waterwing. Martin was once taking a flip on the tiller lower than the shrew’s guiding paw, whereas Gonff charged approximately playfully attempting to air his new-found nautical wisdom.

How we’re ever goin’ to win our land again opposed to all these expert infantrymen is past me. ’ Gonff crowned up Ben Stickle’s beaker with elderberry wine and gazed into the flickering flames, his in general joyful face grim. ‘I’ll let you know this, mateys: the day will come whilst whatever will take place to alter all this, you be patient. a few creature who isn’t scared of whatever will arrive in Mossflower, and whilst that day arrives we’ll be prepared. We’ll pay that filthy gang of vermin and their wildcat masters again so tough that they’ll imagine the sky has fallen on them.

Why did you allow ’em pass? ’ Martin wiped his sword at the grass, looking at the slain of each side strewing the forest ground. ‘To express them we're not evil,’ he acknowledged eventually. ‘We simply wish what's ours, and now i feel they understand we’re powerful adequate to get it. may perhaps you no longer see, the struggle goes out of these infantrymen? they're starting to glance as though they wish nutrition. Their larders has to be with regards to empty, and in simple terms the phobia in their merciless Queen retains them going. in addition to, whilst I positioned my plan in movement with assistance from a few otters and my pal Timballisto, Kotir may be actually damaged and defeated till it's only a nasty identify to frighten youngsters off to mattress with within the seasons to return.

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